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Red Copper and Brass Rectangular Earrings

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Handcrafted by South African artisans, these brass rectangular earrings are accented with triangles of matte brass and red copper. The earrings are 1 inch tall by 0.75 inches wide and hang from brass hooks. The color and patterns on the brass and copper are achieved by applying extreme heat rather than paints or dyes.

The earrings are free from lead & nickel or any other allergy producing substances. Sprayed with a clear lacquer, the piece requires only a soft cloth for polishing. Once the lacquer wears off, which can take several years depending on the amount of wear, a household metal polish can be used.

Meet the Maker: brass images
Brass Images was established in 1988 in the coastal town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, about a 4 hour drive out of Cape Town .... read more


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