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CLEARANCE Triple Fish Bones Nautical Ringed Haitian Metal Drum Wall Art, 24"

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Cut from recycled steel drums that were once used for transporting goods into the Haitian country, this upcycled metal has been turned into unique designs that honor the tradition of the culture. The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful art is all done by hand, from cutting holes that become edges of trees and leaves, to accent designs, creating a unique piece of primitive art. Metal art may be painted or left in its natural steel state by the artist, but all pieces have been treated with a protective finish. Many finished pieces are signed by the artist. Any minor variances in the art simply attest to the handcrafted nature and individuality of this beautiful wall accent. Measures approximately 24 inches in diameter. Care: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. If left outdoors, it is recommended to reapply a spray-on clear coat protective finish once a year. In the instance of any unwanted rusting spots, simply take a piece of steel wool and lightly sand the area. However, many people enjoy the weathered aspects that occurs from exposure to the elements.

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