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10-Pack - Soapstone Comfort Crosses

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Hand carved from soapstone by African craftsmen, this hand cross is shaped to fit in the palm of a hand and offers comfort to those in need. Perfect for sharing with those you care about the most, to keep each other close when you can't be with them.

  • Each cross measures approximately 2.5-inches high by 1.75-inches wide.
  • Due to the handmade nature, each will have some variations in color and actual size. Colors can range from cream to pink to gray to earthy gold in any single piece.
  • Each piece has gone through multiple stages of sanding and waxing, giving the soapstone a satiny finish. 

Story Behind the Art:

Each sculpture is artfully hand-carved from a single piece of Kisii soapstone, found only in the hills of southwestern Kenya. Mining the soapstone from surface hills is a labor-intensive process, using little to no machinery. Laborers works with shovels, picks, axes and machetes to carve out large soapstone chucks, which are then carved into beautiful art. ​


Meet the Maker: smolart
Our Soapstone is carved by the artists of SMOLArt a group of artists who live in the rural village of Tabaka, Kenya, the heart of... read more