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Hand-carved Wood Nativity Set from Kenya

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Each nativity piece is exquisitely carved from a single piece of wild wood (a species related to olive wood).  Kenyan artisans use simple hand tools to craft the 14 intricate characters which include the Holy family, three wise men, two shepherds, an angel, four animals and a star on a stand. 

**NOTE THAT EACH SET WILL VARY A BIT.  Different artisans carve the pieces, so you will see a different interpretation from set to set.  For example, the staff on some sets is dainty.***

Product Features:

  • Measurements:  The star is approximately 8 inches tall and the wise men are approximately 6 inches tall.  
  • A true family heirloom.
  • Periodically wipe with soft cloth and natural mineral oil to maintain the beauty and luster.
  • Socially responsible product assortments that is empowering consumers to purchase according to their values and help alleviate poverty.
  • Fair Trade.

Story Behind the Art: 

Wood carving among the Kamba tribe in Kenya is well-known.  Each piece of  wood is carved using rudimentary tools, giving each piece the unique marks left by the hand  of the artisan.   

Note: Because these are made by hand using rudimentary hand tools, no two sets are identical and variations are to be appreciated and enjoyed by the consumer.  Sizes will vary from set to set.  

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