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Hand stamp Tin Mexican Folk Artist

The hand-stamped tin décor is popular Mexican Folk Art that dates to colonial times.  The artform is called “hojalata” in Mexico.  Creating the pieces involves patience and skill.  An artisan will sit at an anvil using a hammer and metal stamps to methodically punch and pierce the designs into the sheets of metal.  The stamps have a range of designs from geometric to petals which come together to create beautiful patterns.  The metal is then twisted and fabricated into lanterns, trays, and other beautiful home décor items.   Each piece has a beautiful bronze patina that’s achieved through an oxidization process.  The rustic finish may show some signs of rust; this is to be celebrated and a part of the rustic art.  When illuminating the lanterns, the light shines through and casts beautiful patterns across a room.

Juan is an independent artisan located a short distance outside of San Miguel de Allende in the central highlands of Mexico.  He has a modest workspace where he creates beautiful art combining a modern twist with an old craft.  When we visited with Juan, he was excited to show us his pieces and the craft process.  It is just amazing when you see each little circle or shape is hand-punched one at a time with simple tools.  The time and love devoted to one votive is immense.  Juan is so proud of his art.  We are excited to share this collection with you!


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