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Wokongora Collection

Wokongora Palm Malawi

Meet the talented weavers from Malawi, Africa who create the Global Crafts Wokongora Collection (meaning “beautiful” in the local language). They live in southern Malawi in villages far away from the hustle and bustle of modern Western societies. With no electricity, the rhythm of the day is centered around the sun and early risings to gather fresh water. Life is simple with emphasis on family and community. Groups gather under mango trees and work collectively.  If it rains, work stops and life pauses.  The art is made from locally harvested mulaza palm leaves that are dried, threaded, and then dyed to create a beautiful masterpiece.  Each piece is painstakingly crafted and can take up to 5 days to create.   The artform celebrates age-old basketry that has been a cornerstone of African communities since the beginning of time. Baskets have long been used to transport water, food, and goods (typically atop the head).  Truly works of art.


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