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Paper Mache and Metal Angel Ornament from Haiti - WHITE

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This cheery papier mache ornament is handmade in Haiti by artisans using recycled paper and upcycled steel oil drums.  Lovingly hand-crafted, this ornament will brighten up your Christmas tree or can be used as a decoration on a doorknob, hook, or on a table for display.  Each ornament has a loop for hanging on a tree. The head and body are made of paper mache and the wings are made of metal.

  • Dimensions: Approx. 4.5 - 5 inches tall. 
  • Colors: White.
  • Fair Trade. 
  • Materials: Recycled Paper and Metal
  • Care: Wipe with dry rag.

Story Behind the Art

Haitian artisans have persevered during tumultuous times - political turmoil, earthquakes, hunger and COVID have wreaked havoc on the country.  This hasn't stopped the hum of artisan workshops across the Haiti.  The determination and resilience of the Haitians is evident through their beautiful crafts.  Whether it is metal art crafted from 55-gallon steel oil drum or papier mache, the works of art from Haiti are as beautiful as the people.   This purchase supports a small workshop and is dedicated to socially responsible sourcing principles that contribute to poverty alleviation.

Metal Work- Crafted from recycled 55-gallon steel drums by village artisans in Haiti, these stunning pieces of art are truly one-of-a-kind! The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful art is all done by hand. Steel drums used to transport oil into the capital of Haiti are cut, the oil is burned off to clean the metal, and then flattened in order to create stunning, upcycled art. 

Given the handmade nature of this product please allow for minor variations. The recycled paper will vary from piece to piece so the pattern and colors will differ in coloration.


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