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Recycled Rubber Round Shoulder Bag

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Functional and environmentally conscious! This eye-catching round shoulder bag is crafted by artisans in India from recycled rubber from tires and inner tubes.

  • Measures approximately 11-inches in diameter and 3-inches wide.  
  • The interior is lined and includes a zippered pocket and smaller open pocket for your essentials.
  • Magnetic snap closure. 
  • Colored lines on bags will vary due to the recycled materials used; some bags may have no colored lines at all. 

The Story Behind the Art:

Each bag is crafted from recycled rubber tire tubes that have been saved from becoming landfill. Different tire manufactures place different colored lines - or none at all - on their tire products to identify their original products from fake tire brands that are also sold. These lines of different color represent different original manufactures. Auto makers have been moving to tubeless tires, making these bags become even more rare and unique. 

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