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2-Piece Set - Soapstone Black Birds - Big & Little

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These simple and elegant bird sculptures are hand-carved from soapstone by African craftsmen using traditional techniques.

This set contains a small baby bird, approximately 3.5 inches in length, and a mother bird, approximately 5 inches in length. Each bird is approximately 2-inches tall. 

  • Each piece has been dyed, painted and polished to create these one-of-kind keepsakes.
  • The soapstone rock is ideal for carving as it gets its softness from the mineral talc. Due to the handmade nature, each is unique and will vary slightly.
  • Fair Trade, handmade in Kenya.

Meet the Maker: smolart
Our Soapstone is carved by the artists of SMOLArt a group of artists who live in the rural village of Tabaka, Kenya, the heart of... read more