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Counter Display with 50 Pairs of Hand Painted Taper Candles

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This counter top display comes with 50 pairs of hand painted candles. These globally-inspired hand-painted candles are smalls works of art. Crafted by artisans in South Africa, each candle is hand-poured and then individually hand-painted. Each design name is derived from a special African word that is brought to life through the color and patterns which reflect the culture and influences of South Africa.

  • Retail Value $825 excluding display value.
  • 5% discount plus free display.
  • If you prefer choose your own 50 pairs and request a free display at checkout.

Product Features:

  • Display holds 42 pairs.
  • Units size 13 inches by 12 inches by 20 inches tall. 
  • Unscented, high-quality, fully-refined paraffin wax from Germany.
  • Non-toxic color pigments and natural wicks.
  • Individually hand-painted. Designs will have differences, but will be consistent in colors and icons that reflect the style.
  • High melting point of  58°- 60°.

 The Story Behind the Art:

Each candle is hand poured and hand painted by South African artisans with years of experience. After the candles are poured, they are handed off to the special background painters, who paint the entire wax candle with a base color that sets the tone for the design work that comes next. Masterful artists then paint the designs on each piece. It is truly exciting to watch the lightening-fast strokes of the paintbrushes transform what was molten wax into gorgeously colorful, individualized works of art!

Meet the Maker: nobunto
NOBUNTO is a South African Fair Trade company that creates high quality hand-painted candles, ceramics and handcrafted greeting cards with the utmost attention to detail... read more