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Encantada Handmade Pottery 11.75 Set of 2 Dinner Plates, Blanco

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These elegant dinner plates are crafted with such care and detail.  The weight of each plate is unparalleled.  The raised plumeodo design frames the piece with elegant simplicity.  These are beautiful dinner plates, but can also be displayed on a wall (hole in the back for hanging).  

The traditional ways of making pottery start with they clay that is cast into the handmade molds.  Once dried, the mold is removed and the first kiln firing takes place.  After the first firing, an artist paints the piece.  It is then glazed and fired for a last time.  These are unique, beautiful and very functional.

Product Features

  • Authentic Mexican Pottery. 
  • Set of 2 plates.  
  • 11.75 inch diameter.
  • Lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Socially Responsibly, Fair Trade.

 Story Behind the Art

Time-honored pottery techniques are used in the production of these beautiful pieces.  The clay is mined form the mountains surrounding the city, following the traditions of the first potters who came Guanajuato generations ago.  Women artisans hand-paint the unfired ceramics while men work the kilns.  Each piece is a unique piece of art that captures the flavor and artistry of the region.  



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